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Holy Saturday Hugs – The Horse Mafia

It is Holy Saturday. That day between the suffering on the Cross and the celebration of the Resurrection. It is a day to reflect, a day to remember that Jesus lay in the tomb.

We often wonder why Good Friday and Holy Saturday had to happen. And, trust me, my friends, these two days did happen. We have to remember, there can be no celebration of the Resurrection without His suffering and death.

Like Good Friday was for us, our Holy Saturday will be different. We are all staying at home. We’re making sure we and our families are kept safe from the Coronavirus.

But staying at home is actually a very good thing for Holy Saturday. Because it is a day of solitude, silence and stillness. A day to reflect and contemplate this day of Jesus’ earthly journey.

It’s a day to carve out chunks of time for praying. It’s a day to thank God for sending His Son, Jesus Christ, to die, lay in the tomb and be resurrected.

Today, on this Holy Saturday, slow down. Slow way down. Do less and free your mind of everything but thoughts about Holy Saturday and what it really means.

His death was not fake. He really died on the cross. He really was placed in the tomb. And He lay there for Holy Saturday. Guards stood outside because they thought Jesus’ Disciples may try to steal the body.

But it didn’t matter how many guards were there. Easter was still coming. Holy Saturday was part of God’s plan. Jesus had to die so that there could be a glorious resurrection.

I’m sending you this Holy Saturday hug to bring peace to your heart. It’s to let you know that you are loved and cared for. Never forget that. God loves you and will never leave you. With this hug, I am saying, “Keep hope in your heart because Easter morning is coming. God loves you and I do too.”

Sending you blessings of love and gratitude from Sterrett, Alabama!

Charity M. Richey-Bentley