Find The Animal In The Picture To Pass This Ridiculously Hard Eye Test!

Today, you’ll be looking at a vintage graphic showing a chef working hard in his kitchen. He’s clearly busy cooking and we better not disturb him too much. Instead, let’s look for the animal hiding in the picture!

Find the animal and figure out what’s for dinner.

©Sergey Raskovalov for Bright Side

At first glance, you can easily spot a giant pot with steam coming out of it on top of the traditional stove. While stew is cooking, the chef appears to be preparing another dish. Can you find out what he’ll use in it?

To help the chef finish preparing the dinner, find the hidden animal in the picture. We suggest you take your time because spotting it will not be an easy job!

Have you found out what’s for dinner yet?

Here’s the answer: lamb stew!

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