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Father needs public’s help with finding tiny teddy bear that belonged to his son

Patrick Kempfer needs the public’s help. The tiny teddy bear his son Journey once held.

Earlier this year Journey died as the result of an infection that went undiagnosed during pregnancy. He was born with underdeveloped lungs.

“It’s the only thing I have that he touched,” he told Channel 3000.

After his son died, Kempfer kept his son’s teddy bear in a bag at his friend’s home for safekeeping. However, a few weeks ago his friend suddenly died. He went to retrieve his bag, but discovered that his friend’s parents donated most of the items in his friend’s apartment.

“The ironic thing was that I left the bag with the bear in it at his place so I wouldn’t end up losing it,” he said.

Now, he’s asking the public for help with finding Journey’s teddy bear.

Kempfer believes the small stuffed animal was taken to a St. Vinnie’s in Madison, Wisconsin. If you see if, he asks that you contact him or retrieve it.

“This little bear is the only thing of mine that Journey held.”

I really hope someone finds Journey’s bear and it makes its way back home to Kempfer.

Please share this on Facebook to spread the word. Let’s help reunite Kempfer with his son’s teddy bear.

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