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Drunk man shoots 7-year-old boy playing with Nerf gun after bragging he had a real one

A 7-year-old boy was shot by a man who boasted about his “real” gun after the boy started playing with a Nerf gun, according to police.

WFTV9 News reported that the man shot the boy after drinking several shots of Southern Comfort and can’t remember the incident.

The boy was shot in the calf and taken to hospital where a fragment from a .22-caliber round was found. He required surgery.

Anthony Knuth
Seminole County Sheriff’s Office

Anthony Knuth, from Sanford, Florida, was visited by a mom and her three kids and they were playing with their Nerf guns at his home.

While the kids were left alone in a room with Anthony the mom told officers that she heard a “loud pop” and rushed into the living room where she found her son bleeding from the knee, ABC affiliated news channel WTFV reported.

She was told by the other children that, “Anthony shot him”.

According to police, Knuff had been bragging to the children that he had a real gun and that he was going to load it with a real bullet.

Didn’t recall shooting the boy

After the incident Knuff told police he had consumed numerous shots of Southern Comfort and went to bed; he didn’t recall shooting the boy and if he had it was an accident, Unilad reported.

Knuth’s sister Heidi Netti told WFTV 9 that since her brother’s live-in girlfriend had died her brother’s drinking had got worse.

“From what I understand, he showed the kid the gun, then loaded it and then shot him in his calf. Unfortunately, when my brother gets drunk, he is wacko,” Heidi added.

Anthony Knuth Nerf Gun Florida Man

Knuth was charged with neglect of a child with great bodily harm and with using a firearm while under the influence.

We hope justice is served and this man isn’t allowed to keep his gun. Please SHARE if you agree.

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