Can You Find the Acorn Hidden Among These Tasty Treats?

WE don’t know about you – but we could really do with something to get our brains in gear to see us through to the weekend.

That said, nothing wakes us up quite like a brainteaser – and this one is SO difficult that most people give up.

Can YOU spot the single acorn lurking in this picture?


Developed by Bonus Finder, this fiendishly tricky puzzle challenges players to spot the acorn hiding among the treats.

The creators warn: “Be warned, this one is extremely challenging and may cause immense frustration.”

Somewhere among the slices of cake, doughnuts, coffee, tea and turkeys (don’t ask) is a single acorn hiding in plain sight.

But considering how much there is going on in the background, it’s all too easy to miss it.

Turns out, it was disguised on the front of a coffee cup all along

So did YOU spot it? Or did you scroll down after two seconds in frustration? We know what category we belong in…

That’s right, the cheeky acorn was printed on the front of a coffee cup near the bottom of the picture all along.

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