Beautifully elaborate cakes appear to have been stitched with a needle and thread

If you aren’t a baker than anything that someone pulls out of the oven is a masterpiece, but these cakes by Leslie Vigil are so beautiful that they will impress you no matter if you’re a novice or professional baker.

Leslie has been baking ever since she was a little girl and saw her mom attend a cake decorating class. And her cakes have only improved as she’s decorated cake after cake.

Leslie told Better Homes & Gardens that at first she didn’t think she could want to make a profession out of decorating cakes, only that one day she hoped to make gorgeous cakes for her children. But the idea was always in the back of her mind.

When she was much older she attended Le Cordon Bleu.

“It totally changed my life,” she said. “I witnessed my chef instructors create the most amazing cakes, sculptures, and showpieces out of chocolate, buttercream, fondant, and sugar! Then it just clicked for me. This was it. This is what I wanted to do.”

After completing the program she couldn’t find a job, but that didn’t dampen her spirits.

“I took what I learned from school and built upon my knowledge by watching, reading, experimenting, and learning in every way I could.”

Eventually she was hired at a bakery.

Many of Leslie’s cakes feature beautiful like-like flowers and succulents. The inspiration for these cakes come from her love of nature.

“I have found so much peace walking in a botanical garden or growing my own cacti and succulents in my own garden. I try to take that feeling and transfer it over to my cake art.”

Recently, Leslie has decorated some cakes with what looks like thread, but when you take a closer look you realize it’s really frosting.

Leslie also creates playful animals out of cake as well.

While I’d love a slice of one of her cakes, I don’t think I’d want to cut into it! They’re all too pretty!

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