As Soon As This Dalmation Gave Birth, The Vet Realized He’d Made A Huge Mistake

Cecilia Langton-Bunkergot discovered that her beloved Dalmatian Miley had been impregnated by another Dalmation named Astor. This proud pet owner was thrilled her precious pooch was going to become a mother. Like any responsible pet owner, she took her dog to the vet for a pre-natal visit to make sure everything was going along smoothly. Even though Miley’s belly had swelled to a tremendous size, the veterinarian was able to find only three puppies on the scan of Miley’s womb.

As it turned out, the scan proved to be wildly inaccurate!

The birth scene may have reminded Cecilia of the birth scene in the famous animated classic Disney movie “101 Dalmations.” When it was time for Miley to give birth after a 13-hour long labor, it seemed that the puppies just kept coming and coming! The total number of puppies Miley bore turned out to be a whopping 18, including six males and 12 females! Best of all, each and every puppy ended up being born healthy, which is often not the case in such large litters.

One challenge Miley faced as a new mom of 18 puppies was the impossible task of feeding such a large brood with her own milk. That’s where her loyal guardian Cecilia and her husband came to the rescue. They have been bottle feeding these sweet pups on a regular basis in order to make sure they’re all getting the nourishment they need and deserve without overwhelming their mama dog.

To keep the pups all straight while waiting for collars which have been ordered, Cecelia and her husband decided to put a small spot of dye on each pup’s neck. That way they can keep track of their feeding schedules more easily.

This immense litter isn’t just impressive, it beats the all-time record in Australia for the largest Dalmatian litter! Even more amazing, this litter is a dead-even tie with the largest Dalmatian puppy litter ever recorded!

If you’re a dog lover and you can’t get enough of Miley and her huge litter of precious pooches, you can pass this story on to your fellow Dalmatian enthusiasts! Let us know your thoughts on this super-sized canine family!

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