Anonymous entrepreneur offers to pay for treatment of 7-year-old boy with inoperable brain tumor

I can’t imagine anything worse than seeing my child suffer from a disease as terrible as cancer.

Cristian Ayuda, from Malaga, Spain, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain stem tumor at just 7 years old.

The only possible treatment available is proton treatment from a machine that isn’t in operation in Spain until 2020.

In a desperate attempt to save their son’s life, Cristian’s parents put out an appeal on social media and an anonymous hero stepped forward.

The only hope for Cristian’s parents is to send him to another country for treatment which will cost between $88,000 and $110,000.

The newspaper La Vanguardia , reported that an Andalusian businessman, who prefers to remain anonymous, offered to foot the bill for Cristian’s treatment.

“What cannot be is that social security in Spain does not yet have this type of machine, it’s a matter of state,” said the anonymous donor, according to La Van Guardia. 

Proton therapy targets the tumor without affecting the surrounding areas. In the case of Cristian this is vital, since the cancer is attached to his spine which makes an operation risky.

A Twitter account set up by Cristian’s parents now has thousands of people interacting with their posts, as they all follow this little boy’s progress.

One post, from Cristian, read: “I want to thank all the people who are helping me with all this for those beautiful words, such great support.”

Even the staff of the Málaga Football Club have sent their support to Cristian, and players spent a day spoiling the soccer fan.

Sending all our best wishes and positive vibes to this brave little boy.

Please share to honor Cristian and the generous and kind-hearted person who has offered to help him, what a hero!

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