An Old Cattle Farmer Is Being Helped By Vet.

An old cattle farmer is being helped by the local vet with his herd of cows and bulls.

It is breeding season and some of his older bulls are having a bit of a hard time performing.

These are top-of-the-line studs, but age is finally catching up with the bulls.

The farmer laments to the vet

“Well, I guess it looks like these old boys are going to be sent off to the meatpackers this year”

He is none too happy, but cattle life is rough and you have to keep the herd growing.

The vet looks over the older bulls

“Mmm, I don’t know if they are that far gone yet, do you mind if I try something out?”

The farmer agrees and the vet gets to work.

He begins working his hands into the waiting cow’s nether regions, getting his hands all sloppy when he is good and dripping, he approaches the bulls and starts to smear the goop on their noses.

He does this a couple of times and wouldn’t you know it, the bulls begin to become aroused and within moments they are chasing after the cows.

The farmer is delighted and he pays the vet a little extra for the new trick.

Come that evening he is laying in bed with his wife, it has been a pretty long time since they have had s*x, the spirit is willing but his flesh has grown weak.

As he lays there in the dark, he begins to think about his day and soon he is struck with the similarity between himself and the old bulls.

So he reaches over and begins to rub his wife’s vag!na, brings his hand to his face, inhales deeply and repeats the process a few times.

Wouldn’t you know it, the old man’s body begins to respond and he is elated, he hasn’t been this hard since his early 30s. It is amazing!

Thinking that finally, he can have s*x again he turns on the light and begins to shake his wife awake,

“honey… HONEY… you’ve got to see this…. “

She rolls over

“Ah for f*ck sake, you woke me up to show me you have a Wet nose?”

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