A Man Buys A Cow At A Market.

A man buys a cow at a market in Minsk

It’s a nice, big cow that gives lots of milk.

After a while, the man decides that he wants to breed the cow, so he brings the cow to his bull.

As soon as the bull tries to mount the cow, the cow steps out of the way!

Every time the bull tries, the cow moves just slightly, and the bull fails.

The man tries everything, and nothing works.

Finally he decides to get advice from the rabbi.

He explains the situation, and the rabbi says,

“so every time the bull tries to go near the cow just steps aside?”

“Yes”, the man says.

Rabbi asks, “did you happen to buy the cow in Minsk?”

“Yes”, the man says, “how did you know?”

“My wife is from Minsk”.

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