A Man Bought A Kitten And Tried To Teach It To Speak.

A man bought a kitten and tried to teach it to speak.

Everyday for six years he taught it the alphabet.

For hours and hours he’d say to the cat,

“Repeat after me…” and then he would say a word, or a sentence.

He was eagerly waiting the day when the cat would repeat the words.

But alas, the only thing the cat did for those six years was looking back at his teacher.

Then after six years, to his complete amazement, the cat said,

“Look out, the roof is falling down!”

Completely flabbergasted, the man just stared at the cat.

Seconds later, he was crushed to death by the falling roof.

The cat shook his head and said,

“For six years he tried so hard to get me to speak. Then, when I did, he wouldn’t listen!”

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