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8-year-old boy desperately needs transplant, hugs nurse who gave him part of her liver to save his life

When we think of the kindness of strangers we usually think of gestures or thoughtful words, but we don’t always think of people donating parts of their body to help others.

But, that’s exactly what Camie Loritz did for an 8-year-old boy who desperately needed a liver transplant.

Brayden Auten, from Wisconsin, loves wrestling and according to his mom was the healthiest person she knew.

So a week after he finished competing in the state championships and started complaining he was feeling sick, his parents were worried.

Brayden had to be rushed to hospital where doctors told his family he had an aggressive virus attacking his liver and urgently needed a liver transplant.


Despite the diagnosis, Brayden told Inside Edition he wasn’t scared.

His parents felt differently; “It was absolutely terrifying to not know how much time you have left with your child,” Brayden’s dad James Auten said.

A donor for Brayden had to be found quickly as none of his family were matches. Word quickly spread to the hospital next door and ICU Nurse Camie Loritz stepped forward.

Sharing tears and hugs

“He would have died. I don’t think that’s fair for an 8-year-old,” an emotional Camie said.

Camie was a perfect match for Brayden and the operation was a success. Now both of these brave people can return to living life to the full but they will forever share a bond.

Watch these two share tears and hugs as Brayden thanks Camie for saving his life in the clip below.

Nurses are amazing people! What and amazing and thoughtful thing – very kind hearted! 

Please share to pay tribute to the selfless angel Camie Loritz and brave Brayden.

We wish them both a happy and healthy future! 

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