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4-year-old with cerebral palsy left with painful burns after ‘fall’ – keeps saying “naughty teacher”

New Zealand police and the Ministry of Education are investigating an incident that took place in a nursery and resulted in a four-year-old boy suffering horrific facial burns.

According to reports, Masua Tusa’s mother, Milly, was told her son, who has cerebral palsy, fell down the stairs while he was strapped into his wheelchair, but she doesn’t believe this is what really happened.

It’s said Masua has been left traumatized by the incident, which took much of the skin from his nose, forehead and cheek.

Milly says when asked what happened he’s repeatedly said: “naughty teacher, mummy”.

As per Stuff news site, Milly explained: “I’ve asked him a couple of times (about the incident) and all he says is ‘mummy, naughty teacher, mummy, naughty teacher’.

“I thought it (the teacher’s explanation of what happened) was a load of cr*p.

“She told me she was standing in front of him when he fell, if she was standing in front of him, how would she let that happen, if she was supervising him, how did he fall?”

According to Milly, it looked as though her son had been dragged across a rough surface as opposed to having fallen down.

The staff member purportedly told Milly she had locked Masua’s wheelchair at the top of the stairs, but it still fell down.

Milly has removed Masua from the nursery, which he is too frightened to return to. Meanwhile, an investigation has been launched to get to the truth of the matter.

Milly, at least, seems confident she knows what really happened, and it seems to be quite the opposite to what the nursery staff member is saying.

We hope this matter is solved sooner rather than later. I’d like to think that the staff member is telling the truth, and that this whole thing is a sorry understanding that will be cleared up.

It’s important justice is found in either outcome, but my biggest wish is that Masua isn’t scarred by this, physically or mentally.

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