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19-year-old missionary dies in sleep following brief illness, officials says

It’s always tragic when young people pass away. Unfortunately, it’s far too many who are torn from their families without the chance to say goodbye.

19-year-old Katharine Pindar was a beautiful girl and devoted full-time missionary who dedicated her life to improving the lives of others, all in the name of God.

Sister Katharine Pindar, from Arizona, was serving in the Texas Houston East Mission when she died overnight in her sleep following a brief illness.

According to officials, there was no information released regarding any connection to coronavirus. The exact cause of her death has not yet been determined, her church said in a statement.

No other details were provided.

“The exact cause of her death is undetermined,” said Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff. “We are mindful of her family and loved ones and pray they will feel comfort and peace at this extremely difficult time.”

Rest in Peace, darling Katharine. 💔

Our thoughts and prayers for ALL the family. 

Prayers for her companion who made this startlingly discovery. I’m hoping she has some support, also.

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