Dead whale found who digested 13 pounds of plastic

A dead whale was found washed up in eastern Indonesia. Rescuers belonged to Wakatobi National Park found the crumbled dead body of the 31 foot sperm whale near the park in Southeast Sulawesi Province. Park Chief Heri Santoso told the media that villagers were very brutal and by the time they reached to rescue, villagers had already started butchering the remains of the whale.

Dead whale on Indonesian shore

Authorities tried to find out real reasons behind its death. Later on, a park official disclosed the fact that the dead whale had swallowed 13 pounds of plastic including 115 drinking cups, 4 plastic bottles, 2 flip flops, 1 nylon sack, and 25 plastic bags.  He believed that it was a serious threat for environmentalists and other government officials that sea creatures are swallowing this much of plastic. In the longer run, it can be really destructing for marine life.

This gruesome incident happened in an area famous for tourists and this is the main reason to raise concern over the impact of plastic contamination on oceanic life.

A marine conservation coordinator Dwi Suprati said that the authorities are yet to decide on real cause of death of Whale but the facts that they have come across so far, are devastating.

Generally, sperm whales eat fish, shrimp, crab, octopus and small sharks. These whales are found in all of the world’s oceans and are listed at high risk of extinction under the Endangered Species Act. Sperm whales are decreasing in numbers day by day according to the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Indonesia is facing serious issue of plastic pollution. The country comes second after China as worst polluter who throw plastic trash into the world’s oceans. Research has proved that, Indonesia almost creates 3.2 million plastic wastes every year which is not disposed of properly. Of which, 1.29 million tons become the part of the ocean. It is very important to raise voice against plastic consumption. Government should take strong measures to advocate the issue of plastic pollution in the country.

Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan, minister of Indonesia’s maritime affairs briefed the press that discovery of Whale with digested plastic should create a buzz against plastic waste and its frequent use. He told that Government is trying hard to minimize the use of plastic bags.

That’s why; they have directed shopkeepers to stop providing plastic bags to customers. Even, they are doing seminars in schools and educating children about the harmful effects of plastic waste. It is very important for masses to understand the real consequences of plastic trash. Public awareness is being created to help government in reducing plastic use by 70% by 2025.

While talking to the Guardian, he further said that it is quite possible that many other aquatic animals are poisoned with plastic waste and it is really alarming for our lives and environment.

However, lawmakers are working to overcome this dangerous pollutant which comes with use of plastic. This is why, different countries have taken initiative against this problem for example, European parliament casted their vote to ban single – use plastic bags in October.


Dead Whale who consumed 13 pounds of plastic



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