Rescuer Never Dreamed Scary-Looking Street Dog Would End Up So Beautiful

A little puppy was wondering the streets of Croatia when he was noticed by a couple who believed he was worth rescuing. His name was Frodo and he was so neglected that his eyes were visibly swollen and a little tough to look at. His face had a “scary” look and no one could imagine that under that face was hiding a real beauty. The couple who found him took it to the veteran animal rescuer Klaudija Sigurnjak who assured he was going to get a real makeover.
His condition was so severe that Klaudija could hardly believe Frodo was a dog. She’d never seen anything like it before so she knew she had to act fast in order to provide him with the assistance he was in need of. Frodo was taken to a vet’s office who told her that his eye had to be removed due to infection. Luckily, his other eye could be saved, but unfortunately, the dog had other health issues.

The struggle for Frodo’s life began and despite the odds, everyone was trying hard to save the little guy. As it turned out, Frodo was a real fighter who managed to find strength to recover. The dog’s inflamed skin began to heal, and his fur was all coming back! It seemed like this was the first step towards Frodo’s new painless life.

As Frodo’s body healed, his true spirit and sweet personality emerged. It was clear the dog had put his painful past behind him. He could finally be happy, thanks to the love he received from Klaudija, who now couldn’t believe the transformation. A real beauty emerged from what was a face people were intimidated of.

Once Frodo healed completely, his story along with the call for his adoption spread and touched the hearts of Marko Duspara and his wife. They fall in love with Frodo the moment they saw a picture of him and they simply knew they had to have him.

This is Frodo now. A completely new look, and what’s more important completely painless life. And all it took was a little bit of compassion and caring. Thanks to everyone who provided Frodo with unconditional love.

Photo credits: Klaudija Sigurnjak and Marko Duspara

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