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Newborn weighing 3lbs found buried alive in clay pot by grieving couple – she needs all our prayers

It was startling, how much I realized I could love something I’d literally just seen for the very first time. I knew in that instant that I would do anything to protect this little ball of love, anything to ensure she had the best life she could possibly have.

Which is why it baffles and enrages me in equal measures when I hear stories of mothers and fathers abandoning their children to die when they decide they don’t want them.

On October 10, Hitesh Kumar and his wife, Vaishali, of Bareilly, India, went through a heartbreak I can’t even begin to contemplate: their little girl was born dead.

Yet, things would take a further turn for the tragic when the couple took her to be buried. As the grave was being dug, they heard a worrying noise, leading them to a sickening realization.

“At one point I thought that my daughter had come alive,” Hitesh Kumar told the Times of India. “But the voice was actually coming from inside the pot.”

It transpired that a tiny baby had been buried alive and left for dead inside a clay pot nearby.

Posted by Stand Against Dowry on Monday, 14 October 2019

“When the pot was opened, a baby girl was kept inside,” Hitesh continued. “I immediately called ambulance and informed police to ensure that her life was saved.”

The baby was rushed to the Maharana Pratap District Hospital and placed in the Special Newborn Care unit.

The poor girl, not even weighing three pounds, had been left to die three-feet down. One police officer reportedly said she looked to be only several days old.

“They immediately called the cemetery guard, who said that he saw the parents there earlier,” the anonymous officer said, as per the New York Post. “It seems to be a case of female infanticide.”

A newborn baby girl has been discovered buried alive in northern India, a local police chief has revealed.Abhinandan…

Posted by Q FM on Monday, 14 October 2019

Sadly, the process of abandoning or killing female babies after birth is not uncommon in India. Girls are seen as a financial drain and require families to build up dowries, so many would-be parents hope for boys.

A search is now underway to find the people responsible for leaving this girl to die.

“We are trying to find the parents of the baby and we suspect that this must have happened with their consent,” Abhinandan Singh, the police chief, said.

“We are trying to identify the person who had buried the baby girl alive,” Harishchandra Joshi, with the Subhashnagar police, added.

“We are checking the CCTV footage of the cremation ground An FIR would be registered soon.”

We hope the people responsible are found and brought to justice. Every baby deserves a chance at life, and for someone to rob them of that chance is simply unforgivable.

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