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Barber stays open late to give 7-year-old with autism a haircut outside

When a barbershop owner in Mentor, Ohio received an unusual request from a customer, he did not hesitate to fulfill their wish.

“We try to make it an equal playing field for everybody and we try to adapt to that you know person and try to make it a personal experience for them,” Marco Conti, owner of Marky Fresh Barbershop told FOX 8.

Seven-year-old Brycen Juby needed his hair cut, but his family had a peculiar request on his behalf: could they cut his hair after business hours?

Brycen has autism and his family wanted to make sure he was as comfortable as possible when he got his hair cut.

Marco agreed to stay after he closed up shop.

Not only did the barbershop owner stay open late, but he moved a chair outside once it was determined that the seven-year-old felt more comfortable outside.

“He was comfortable outside so why not just bring a chair outside and do the hair cut outside,” he said.

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Posted by Marky Fresh on Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Brycen’s mom, Ashley, was thankful Marco was so accommodating for her son, especially during a year that has been full of potential obstacles for her son. This was his first year attending public school and this week is picture day at his school.

Marco said Brycen’s haircut was an example of the “experience” he strives to give each of his customers.

“We want everyone that comes in here to feel good and leave even better.”

This makes me so happy. Why can’t everyone be accommodating towards one another?

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