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12-year-old’s birthday wish is for a loving family to adopt him–let’s help ❤️

Samuel has big dreams and one wish, but he needs help in order to fulfill either. For nearly three years, Samuel has been in foster care in Texas, and he’s ready to find a loving home.

“I’ve been there since February 8, 2017,” he told KWTX.

“I’m tired of CPS.”

While the 12-year-old admitted he’s tired of child protective services, he’s not tired of all the people he’s met. In fact, they’ve inspired him.

“He said that he wants to open a residential treatment center,” his case worker, Katie Thomas, said. “That’s the type of facility that he’s in now. He wants to show kids someday, ‘this was me when I was your age, and you can come out of it as well.’”

According to his case worker, the soon-to-be 13-year-old relates well to adults and has a lot of love to give. She believes that with the right family, Samuel will be able to thrive.

“He has the capacity to love, and he wants to love,” she said. “He just needs that family to take that chance on him and give him that home, like all of our kids.”

In order to adopt in the state of Texas you must have a license. If you believe you could give Samuel or any child the loving home they deserve, contact your local CPS office.

I know someone out there is able to give this boy a loving home. Is it you or someone you know?

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