Who in This Picture is Telling The Truth?

Here comes the test itself. Below we can see a picture of an arguing couple.

The husband accuses his wife of being unfaithful, and the wife denies the accusation.

But only one of them is telling the truth – can you see who?

Now, remember that only one of them is right, and look closely at the picture to see if you perceive the detail that reveals the correct answer.

We will show you the answer a little further down.

Here is the correct answer

Have you come up with an answer, and feel confident about which of them is telling the truth? Then check the answer below!

Well, here it is: the husband is telling the truth, it is the wife who is lying.

How do we know that? Let’s look at the picture again.

There, in the closet, we can see two eyes peeking out.

In other words, that is a reason to suspect that the wife certainly has an affair and that she did not have time to get the guy in the closet out of the house before her husband came home.

Did you get it right? Nicely done, you have a good eye for detail!