What’s Wrong With This Picture? Find The Mistake In 10 Seconds

If you’re getting tired of gloomy news and announcements, you might just find some relief in the fun and engaging picture puzzle that managed to baffle viewers from all around the world.

Let’s take a look!


In the picture above, you can see a young boy skating outside his home while playing with his dog. The two friends appear to be having a good time in the company of a fat snowman they had just built.

Somewhere in this winter scene, however, there is also a big error that many people fail to spot at first sight.

Can you find the mistake in just 10 seconds? How about one minute?

Make sure that you’ve already tried your best before you scroll down any further because the solution is coming right up.

As a small hint, we can tell you there’s nothing wrong with the dog, the snowman, or the boy. Instead, something might be wrong with what one of them is wearing!

Here’s the correct answer:



As you can see, the boy is wearing an ice skate on one foot and a rollerblade on the other!

If you managed to spot the error without any trouble, try cracking the mystery below as well. Once again, your job is to find a big error!