The Teacher Asked All The Children.

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On their first day at school,

The teacher asked all the children to stand up and introduce themselves to the rest of the class by telling everyone their first names.

She finally asked a boisterous young boy, who was sat with his feet on a table, to tell everyone his name.

“I’ll give you a clue,” he said.

“first it’s in a woman’s hand, then it’s in her mouth, and then it’s between her legs!”

The shocked and startled teacher stared at the young boy in disbelief.

She then composed herself and said:

“OK, thank you, D!ck, you can sit down now!”


Little Johnny: Hello Teacher, let me ask you a question.

Teacher: Okay.

Little Johnny: How do you put an elephant in a fridge?

Teacher: You can’t it’s too big.

Little Johnny: Wrong. All you have to do is open the fridge and put it in there.

Teacher: Hm. Okay then.

Little Johnny: Let me ask you another question. How do put a Donkey inside that fridge?

Teacher: Easy you just open the door and put it in there.

Little Johnny: Wrong again. You have to take the Elephant out first then put the Donkey in the fridge.

Teacher: Uh okay.

Little Johnny: Next question. If a Lion had a birthday party and all the animals went to it, what animal is missing?

Teacher: All of them because the Lion eats them.

Little Johnny: Wrong, the Donkey is missing because he’s still in the fridge.

Teacher: Are you kidding me?

Little Johnny: Okay last question. If you’re at a River and crocodiles live in it, how do you get across?

Teacher: You build a boat and float across. If you try to swim across you will be eaten.

Little Johnny: Nope. All you have to do is swim across because all the animals went to Lion’s birthday party.

Teacher: Get out.

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