Johnny’s Dad Is Called Into The Headmaster’s Office. –

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Little Johnny’s dad is called into the headmaster’s office for his son’s misbehaviour.

He arrives 10 minutes late.

“Sorry I’m late Mrs Deeny, I forgot to polish some nobs at work before leaving tonight. “

Mrs Deeny looks up from her desk in disgust.

“Yeah, I almost lost my job at the doorknob factory last time I did that. To be fair they weren’t too happy that I was walking around with my c0ck out.”

Mrs Deeny gulps and stares up at him.

“I mean, they normally like me to leave my rooster at home. He’s a real trouble maker, I once found him pecking at my wife’s pu$sy”

Mrs Deeny falls off her chair and swiftly picks herself back up.

“That cat didn’t know what was coming. I was a bit disturbed though when I found the cat licking Johnny’s little sausage the other day!”

Mrs Deeny gasped.

“Yeah, Johnny missed breakfast that day because the cat ate it? That’s nothing though… “

Mrs Deeny leaned forward.

“… Yeah, last night I caught that c*nt wanking off to some f*cking filthy sh!t on po*n hub, the dirty [email protected]”

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