Can you spot the black cat hiding in this tricky brain teaser in less than 10 seconds?

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AS we approach the haunted holiday of Halloween, we come to appreciate the traditions and superstitions that come along with it.

For years, black cats have been surrounded with myths and superstitions – giving felines a spooky reputation.

Can YOU spot the black cat among the spooky feline faces

Credit: JBH
That being said, every year on October 27 – just in time for Halloween – National Black Cat Day is celebrated, and this year is no different.

With that being said, here’s a little trick-or-treat for you.

Can you find the black cat in a sea of colourful kitties? Most people can spot it in less than 4 seconds – Give it a go and see for yourself…

Digital PR Agency JBH have created the new brainteaser on National Black Cat Day to raise awareness around the rehoming of black cats.

Animal rehoming stats show that black cats take longer to find their ‘furever’ home.

On discovery of this news, the Manchester PR company wanted to do their bit to raise awareness of the plight of the black cat by creating this brainteaser as well as donated £1,000 to the RSPCA.

So how long will it take YOU to spot it? Spoilers ahead…

The sneaky black cat is hiding at the bottom of the page

Credit: JBH

Yep, the little black cat is hiding at the bottom.

The spooky yellow eyes dotted across the page make it a bit trickier to find, but if you could find it in less than four seconds, give yourself a treat!

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